To explore and promote trekking in eastern Nepal,where we can experience & study the life style in rural areas of terian as well as the beauty of nature upto the altitude of 3636m. COTA has been started to promote the natural senario of Eastern Nepal.With COTA we can experience the life-style of the ethnic groups like Satar & Rajbanshis in the rural area of Terai as well as that of Kirant & Sherpas in the high hills.In an industry where biggest is not always the best, Country Oasis Travel Agency & Village Resort is a new company in the tourism and service sector.
An opportunity for Country Oasis Trekking Agency success exists because the National Tourism and travel industry is growing better.
With ever increasing changes in the IT world; very soon we will have our website available, we are confident that by then, we would be able to provide the mid-size retails agencies with technologies advancement thus increase conversions / booking through an efficient business process.

As we progress, we intend to develop a long term partnership with hotel and all others suppliers, combined with our future power that enables us to offer the best availability at the bargain rates, even in the periods of peak demand.

Even at this infancy stage, we realize that it is vital for us to seriously place effort to prepare ourselves and deliver and certainly look forward to establish in the market.

Our services include the followings :-

  • Ticketing
  • Hotel reservation
  • Reservations of accommodation
  • Transport services
  • Trekking to Sandakpur & phalut
  • Travel/Tour packages for companies, individuals, and groups.

The tour organized by this agency will be on eastern part of Nepal. The core mission of “Country Oasis Trekking Agency & Village Resort” is to promote the tourism activities on eastern Nepal. The business idea of the “Country Oasis Trekking Agency & Village Resort” is to organize guided tours combined with information about the spots.


This agency intend to attain the following objectives:

  • To emphasize tourism in the eastern Nepal.
  • To provide expeditions and memories to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
  • To provide the tourist market with the quality personal required by the tourism industry.
  • To contribute positively to our communities and our local environment.
  • To assure short term and long term growth and success through continuous provision of enjoyable quality excursions/trips.

Why countryoasis?

  • Country Oasis is the first trekking agency in east Nepal to operate trekking to Sandakpur.
  • Located at the rural area so people from urban areas can experience the rural life and healthy environment.
  • They can enjoy bullock cart riding here.
  • They can observe the cultural performance of the ethnic groups here.
  • Family environment in the resort with all the urban facilities in the village environment.