Chowrasta or the mall as is it also known is in the heart of the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling and is its single most recognizable landmark. If you ask anyone who has been to Darjeeling, what is the one activity that you must do while in Darjeeling, then more don’t be surprised if the reply is just lounging about in Chowrasta.

Chowrasta or the Mall is located on top of Nehru Road and is a convergence point for four roads and many smaller paths. It is the heart beat of Darjeeling and one of the most important meeting points for the locals and tourists alike. It is surrounded by many local curio shops and restaurants. Chowrasta is basically a flat land on top of the NEHRU Road where locals and tourists come to relax and lounge, a favoured activity to do here is to sit on one of the many benches, sipping on tea sold by local vendors in plastic cups and watch the world pass by.