Mirik with an elevation of 1767 meters is a small hill station built around the Lake Samendu. It came into prominence around the 1980s. It is famous for its huge Tea, orange and cardamom plantations. The main attraction of Mirik is the artificially created Lake Samendu. It was constructed during the 1970s in order to promote tourism. The lake also provides paddle boating facilities which is an enjoyable and refreshing activity for the tourists.

A major attraction of Mirik is a large lake which acts as a hidden paradise. The lake on one side is surrounded by the stretches of pine trees which looks wonderful. The deep green color of the trees reflecting in the lake water transforms the lake water turn to greenish.And the other side of the lake is surrounded by the large green land where tourists are seen spending time strolling and picnicking. A wooden bridge is constructed over the Mirik Lake to allow the tourists cross over to both the sides. Moreover, the lake consists of hundreds of fishes which are being fed by the tourists.Moreover, there is also provision for paddle boating on the lake which the tourists enjoy greatly.